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SALE!! トリッピングアニ
SALE!! トリッピングアニ

SALE!! トリッピングアニマルズ x ショートスロー イントロスペクション / Tripping Animals x Short Throw Introspection




【Area】 アメリカ・フロリダ
【Style】 TIPA
【ABV】 10%
【Hops】 Strata, Galaxy, Cashmere, and El Dorado
【ML】 473
賞味期限 2024.4.30

With our homie Brandon, from the one and only Short Throw Brewing, we glance upon the horizon of the infinite landscape and notice a ram in comfortable repose, pupils shaped like magnificent hops. It’s voice echoed with eons of knowledge, imparted to you with a passing glance.

Everything falls away, and we are pulled through the galaxies as if through golden liquid. Aromas of earthy pine, bursting of citrus and plum, reactivate our cognition. We’re still a little hazy, but we’re back to Earth.

We arise from your slumber, the eternal trip


Triple India Pale Ale Hopped with Strata, Galaxy, Cashmere, and El Dorado

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