SALE!! アンカレッジ ザチョッパー / Anchorage The Chopper

SALE!! アンカレッジ ザチョッパー / Anchorage The Chopper

【Area】 アメリカ・アラスカ
【Style】 DDH Hazy IPA
【ABV】 6.4%
【ML】 473
賞味期限 2024.2.3

The Chopper is beautiful IPA brewed with Strata hops, fermented with Chico hazy yeast, and DDH with Strata, Riwaka, and a very special and unreleased product from @freestylehops Subzero Motueka Hop Kief!!! We were chosen by Freestyle Hops to test this product out, and we love it! 6.4% This IPA was brewed to help out a fellow blade smith Jason Knight. When I started making knives just a year ago, I watched every one of his instructional videos and they helped me out so much. Unfortunately his knife studio burnt down on Christmas Eve. He lost a lot of equipment and time
in the shop as well. We are donating 1$ per can to help raise some funds to lesson the blow of having to rebuild.

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型番 b473
定価 1,790円(税込1,969円)
販売価格 1,360円(税込1,496円)